Who am I? How did I become a photographer.

171029_Xtina pumpkin

Hi friends, time to introduce myself a bit. Fun!

My name is Kristina and Heather is my middle name hence Kristina Heather Photography. I was so named by my mother after Sunshine Mariah was shut down by my father. I can’t imagine being called Sunny. Ugh.

Let’s review my photography journey a bit shall we! I am a model, I’ve been obsessed with models mostly since I discovered fashion magazines as a young girl. I would pore over their images and tape my favorites to the wall. The glamazons of the 80’s and 90’s were a true inspiration to my taller than everyone teenage self.  The likes of Tatjana Patitz, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Shiffer, Nadja Auermann. I looked for myself in their images.

So I began to art model for local photographers. This was before the internet and  I was mostly stopped on the street, beach or mall to model. I loved it. Seeing the contact sheets asking about the film developing process. I was enthralled. I continued to art model till my job opportunities just dried up in the internet age and as age simply progressed.

kristina 5

So, I got my first DSLR to take my own photos. I still wanted to create imagery both in front of and behind the camera. I love the challenges of self portraiture as well as documenting my own life. Then I wanted more control behind the camera and asked a beautiful girl to model for me. I was terrified and ready to lead the shoot. To direct, to play with light!

I still get in front of the camera for personal projects but mostly I’ll be found directing models and light to my fancy. I decided a college course or two would help perfect my skills and that led to a learning experience I’ll take with me forever.

Forever learning, forever chasing that light.

Kristina Heather

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