Creating when you are injured

Yes I self portrait. You should too. Here’s why. I became injured and couldn’t take on any clients or work, for months. It’s stifling creatively. I also moved to a small town and can’t put myself out there yet till this injury is over. So I self portrait. It helps me to stay creative, keep my camera in my hands, push myself in post processing. As ever when I want to learn a new technique I use myself.

Heres’s my process. For example I wanted to photograph the lilacs during two different times of day. Open shade and blue hour.

Here’s open shade. Bright and moody.

Here’s later during the blue hour as the sun dipped behind the mountain. Dark and moody.

I also wanted to explore the new light I get to play with in my new home. Moody and rich.

Staying creative during an injury can help fend off depression. Art is therapy!

I typically avoid midday light but the poppies love full sun. So I got in there with them. Moody and a bit of movement too.

I also wanted to play with a white floral motif on a cold spring day in front of my apple tree in full bloom. The previous warm days had the tree full of bees and I wanted to give them their space. I love to freeze the motion of a good hair flip.

What you need:

  1. A tripod. Or a trash can or a tree stump! A flat surface for your camera.
  2. A remote helps. Or you can do the run back and forth method. Your choice!
  3. You. A self portrait needs you. Get in front of that lens!

Set up your tripod facing where you’ll be. Take your camera with you to your spot and facing your tripod set focus on it then turn off auto focus. Then put your camera back on your tripod and do the run back and forth. Put your camera on burst and move through your poses quickly.

Or if you have a remote set it behind you when it snaps or toss it away safely.

Newer cameras that have wifi and blue tooth can have an app for your phone to download. Then the possibilities are endless! Control your camera from your position using your phone! Bonkers.

Have fun out there!

-Kristina Heather Photography

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