Solo Birthday Camping: Morro Bay

This was my first solo camping adventure and I’m pretty much hooked. I snagged a new Tee Pee tent that I have since returned.  A hole happened, oops. I do not recommend anyone camping alone to get this damn tent. It looked cool and that’s about it.

180912_Xtina Morro Self -1

I wanted two things for this solo birthday trip; fog and otters. Luckily, I got both plus a yummy delicious golden hour sunset self portrait session. More of my self portrait work here.

FB morro

My remote quit so I had to resort to the run back and forth method, which also included hopping up on that branch. Check out my self portrait methodology here.

I opted for the state park campground as I’ve been there before, on my birthday, four years previous. This time was to be my own agenda and I let each day take me where it may. Coffee with otters? The Morro bay peregrine people were out. I even spotted a hawk taking an unlucky squirrel prey.

180912_Hawk with prey-1

My fog session fed my witchy soul. That was one birthday wish checked off. Every night I had my sunset dinner at this spot. Reflecting on the day past and the day ahead.

180912_Xtina Morro Self -4180912_Xtina Morro Self -3180912_Xtina Morro Self -2

The  sea otters were my second birthday wish. As I did four years before I photographed them, hung out with them and told them how much I love them. More of my self portrait work here.



Driving up to San Simeon I stopped at a pinniped tourist trap. Elephant seals bloprping on the sand.

I hit every view stop on the way back to Morro Bay. These are cell pics check my insta.

Cell sunsets.

I captured the sunrises as well.


Avila beach was a fun adventure out of Morro as well. Not far from where I spent my birthday surprise night. An evening of posh hot springs indulgence at Sycamore Springs.

My other Avila adventure included Smugglers Cove to the right from a nude beach.

Morro Bay was the perfect birthday get away. I would spend the rest of my days there if I could.


Thank you for stopping by. Share with friends and whatnot.

Kristina Heather Photography

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