A Big Sur Love story

I was doing a solo travel, as I do, when the rain put a damper on my adventure plans. I was exploring Big Sur in a van during a rain storm. A purple sand beach marked the second spot on my list of things to check off. Rain closed trails and I was in my van a lot.

It was mostly dry but gloriously windy as I drove down the two mile, one lane, windy decline to the beach below. I captured the few landscapes I could and traipsed about the beach and lagoon. The rock formations beckoned and waves of chilly pacific water pushed through the openings. Breathtaking.

181128_Big Sur-13

After trudging through the sand and letting the wind take my oxygen and tangle my hair I retired to my van for a snack. It was there I saw a bride and groom exit a vehicle. Just the two of them in their wedding finery. I called out. They answered. I made friends and offered to photograph them. Everyone should have great images of themselves on their special day. I was more than happy to assist.

I present the Lagunas:

See more of my couples, weddings and engagements.

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