In your own backyard

When fate hands you a stunner that is willing to create your vision to perfection and also happens to be a lover of nature. You take your friends out to the creek down the street and get dirty for the sake of art. Alejandra was more than up to the task of submerging herself into the muck and the mire. Climbing effortlessly upon boulders and sharp objects. All the while poised and effortlessly one with the elements. A dream to photograph. Thanks lady!

Since I’ve relocated to the mountains I’ve been endlessly inspired to create with what’s in my own backyard. From the cool forest canopy to meandering streams that wash over your tired feet and feed your soul. The stars  wishing you goodnight and the breezes that cause you to take pause and just breathe. No matter where my adventures take me in the next year (stay tuned) I shall always cherish the time I’ve spent here and the people I’ve met.

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