The San Francisco Treat

IMG_7116A clandestine adventure in San Francisco started with a long and boring drive through the cow fields of central California. The drive up wasn’t that bad, flipping through the radio stations ditching the undesirable message of middle of nowhere radio.

The bridges welcomed me as they welcome everyone else, still I get excited when I enter under their towering arches. $6 and I’m in San Francisco. My first stop, Coit Tower. You can see it jutting into the sky flat topped like my L.A. skyscrapers just to the right of the Bay bridge.

180906_San Francisco-1


Free parking was an unexpected bonus but $9 to take the elevator up. I’ve been to this city twice before and didn’t make it to this landmark till now. I just wanted to see the city from above and see Karl. Karl being the fog. I love him. Meandering past the murals below and joining groups of 8 in the manned elevator. The attendant asked where we all were from, two from L.A. including myself , one family from Ireland and a couple from Australia. Up the up and we’re let out into an open topped windowed circular rooftop patio. Me in a flirty sundress and boots had to keep holding my dress down in the wind to prevent indecency. I lost that battle.


Pay 25¢ to view this tree up close.

I popped my head out of each open window 360 degrees around the building. Taking the wind to the face and hair. It was exhilarating. An overeager docent offers to take pictures of the travelers yet kept putting them in awkward poses and direct light. I refrained from joining in or making it a teaching moment.

180906_San Francisco-2

View from Coit Tower of Transamerica Pyramid.

Then to Fishermans wharf to see the sea blorps. California sea lions gather and yell at each other whilst simultaneously laying on each other, lacking in personal space issues. You can tell the males from the females due to the sexual dimorphism. Meaning the males are greatly larger than the females. Also the males exaggerated sagittal crest protruding from their foreheads gives them away.  $18 parking for an hour FYI.

180906_San Francisco-3

Oaklands decaying decadence.

My second day was all about getting that Golden Gate bridge from different angles. I hiked 12 stories due to a path being under construction. Ouch. Injured foot. I also helped other tourists with their photos. A Spanish couple who wanted a video of them jumping and a german couple who I also asked to get a photo of me.

I look all Handmaids Tale.

Blessed be the Fruit.IMG_0348

Here’s all my creative shots of the bridge.

180906_San Francisco-4180906_San Francisco-5180906_San Francisco-8180906_San Francisco-12180906_San Francisco-10

IMG_0358IMG_0357180906_San Francisco-17180906_San Francisco-16180906_San Francisco-15180906_San Francisco-14180906_San Francisco-13180906_San Francisco-11

I loved being cold and having to layer up. It’s over 100º as I write this and I wish to feel that chill again.

Really missed an opportunity to run down this hallway as a ghost in a sheet.


No llamas were served on this truck.


Water for the road trip safely carried in what can only be described as an urn.


San Francisco I shall return. I love you.

The drive back was long and arduous but so worth the adventure.



See more of my travel photos here.

I too travel for weddings as well.







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